Monday, April 25, 2011

Motivation starts the engine, habits keep it running..

Dear readers,

Recently I picked up a healthy hobby, reading books, not storybooks, comics, nope. It is some kinds of motivation/ mind powering books, sounds like fun huh? (:

Well... The purpose of life is not to win. It is to grow and share, brighten the world a lil, creates more smily faces, world peace, life's good, ban open-burning, quit smoking, destroy drug addicts, lots more to get close to perfection...

The most important measure of how a good game I played, was how much I'd made my teammates play. Individuals don't create as big impact as a community/ a group do. Before having the right attitude, I guess disciplinary' existed before success'. A person lacking discipline is like living in a prison without bars. Are your habits making a prisoner of you? Dig that.


Been forcing myself not to give out, bother too much about her, finally I can slowly let go bit by bit. My sensitiveness is cutting down. Awesome shit (:
Cancer, horo acts this way.

Time to leave.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe being too sensitive is just me. That's just me. Don't mind me telling out these shits everytime. I blog about bad things happen on me, a little good ones (:

Well, if you expect someone to be nice to you, firstly, please be nice to that person, to be fair indeed. There's no free lunch okay. If you're being a jerk, never blame others to be a better jerk. I do respect your wills, wants, and stuff; You too should be that, do that, behave that way. So, do not expect the person to be nice again, cos' things change according to the surrounding. Makeeeeeeeeeee sure you are certain with what you crave for, then GO ahead with effort, you deserve the things you crave. In the meanwhile, you lose something else, and that's for sure. There is no two sides benefiting you unless you're a queen, even queen can't be that greedy. I don't know what I am saying.. lol. Okay so guys, BE yourself and BE prepared to face life as things annoy you lots somehow, especially your loved ones.

ciaooo (:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pressure kills

What I think, thought, have been thinking was somehow sometimes wrong. Imagined it was going well, gonna be OK, cos' plainly was just intentionally to help people and all. But it ended up bringing shits to me. I have to decide the shit out of the ass. SIGHS! I don't know.. Maybe I was just wrong, even at the start.

So please, once you have confirmed something, please just do it, act right. Don't bring trouble to the people around you who are just trying to help.

Ya and another shit came, helped one person and at last I had to settle the shit by paying bucks. Well I know I shouldn't have brought that up to offer her a hand.

Actually it sounds normal yet not a big deal, but when all came at once, it is, trust me. Plus my awesome dad who's a fire head screwed me up everytime. A little mistakes can be like the sky is falling down or something, give a chance for people to learn, losers. So yeah imagine me working for him (:

Anyway, I still believe it's just part of life, get the juice out of it and move on, an experience of facing challenges indeed. I know what you're thinking, yeah right! You're reading a future millionaire's blog ey! hahaha~

Thanks for stopping by, seeee you soon! (;

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Burning ache.

HOLA! (:

I was told something ridiculous the other night. Never like to be lied about any single thing! Let's see if it will still ever happen again, like seriously..

Oh well, the Celebrity Fitness called me up and had a awesome deal with me. What a kind of business strategy forcing to continue being a member. Again was damn told that I had an outstanding amount of 500+ which is accumulated since 4~5 months ago and I was like what the f*** is your problem man. Added that I had to clear it, cos' it was in the contract and all. Of course, I did not agree with it. He again mentioned, okay well, if you can't settle the payment, we might send you a lawyer letter to sue you, *HAH, do it*. Then how awesome and nice he was, informed me the outstanding amount will automatically be cancelled if I'm joining as a new member, again, in THESE FUCKING FEW DAYS time, cos' the PROMOTION ends soon, THEY use this kind of shit every single time when meet a poor customer, like me *innocent look* what a goddammit' good reason.

Spitted all out, time to ciao! =)

sorry guys, excuse me for describing them harshly

Monday, April 4, 2011

Unaccomplished annoying shits.

Thank you for being here peeps. (:

Okay, now too many irritating stuff with/ for me to handle. I don't mention them but... *sighs*

Why am I being so friendly and yet to be taking from granted, haha, maybe?
I have been trying to endure and stuff, it was just so happen I couldn't bother anymore and BYE!
So don't blame me for that shit okay, you should be also responsible for that, I had done my part though. *Maybe you guys don't know what i'm saying but yeah it's BLOGGING, we blog things that kept in heart and nobody would understand, sometimes* (: Fine, I'll do it cos' I forgive your childishness and immaturity, KICK ASS!

Next, why don't you just post it, announce it so to be fair for us. I dislike the feelings.

That is all for now peeps!

p.s: This is an EMO post.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The right track

What's up people...

There was a time I had the extreme passion and motivation to improve daily life, creates more opportunities for others, change the world.. Well actually, to be successful, heh! Though having that kind of mindset was good, in terms of making money. However, it seems to be making me to be more forgetful... about family, health, friendships, romance(heh) and stuff.

It's okay, I'm still young! More to come and go, experience gaining though. Life's good, short. Appreciate things around you, do not care if it's either good or bad, it is part of the thing. *OMG, why am I being so old and the thinking right now* lol.

To make it short and simple, have the right attitude! So don't mind me if what am I saying is offensive. *I know it's not, I'm just being friendly* Haha.. (:

For now, I'm an employee, that's not the end yet, I am unbeatable though something happened last time. Till my college ends, see me in TV yeahhh, sharing the secret of success, Haha (;

Alright meet me the next stop. =)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stoning Chapter.

Hello peeps!

Oh well, again working, awesome work. I need a college life ASAP!

Let's make it a lil more random, damn a man could cry watching a Singaporean drama, haha! whatever..

27th March 2O11 is a memorable day that it will not to be forgotten. Thank you lady.

That's all for now, see you guys soon! (: